New Camera.

My old compact camera died so I bought a new one. A Panasonic TZ95, it has a long zoom and can shoot jpg’s plus RAW files.

This will be ideal for holidays when I don’t want to take a large camera but need the ability to snap a few pics. It has wi-fi transfer to my phone if I want to share on social media.
It is a bit tricky to focus on the butterflies if they move around too much, as I find actually finding them whilst looking at the rear screen difficult, it does have a viewfinder but it is very small and not easy to use.

So if and when we decide to travel further I will be prepared!
Full specifications are on the Panasonic website.

Summer 2020

In this crazy world of a pandemic I am thankful that I can now go further afield to photograph wildlife
Today was a trip to Boxhill, Surrey, UK.

Lots of marbled whites and dark green fritillaries.


Over the last few weeks the kingfishers at Warnham Nature Reserve near Horsham, West Sussex, UK, have been a delight.
I have been a few times before and never seen them or only seen a glimpse as they fly past.
Of course there are other delights to be found too, roe deer walking down the path, woodpeckers, dragonflies, damselflies and lots of bugs.


This morning was very warm and sunny, perfect for a little butterfly hunting. A skipper, purple hairstreak and a gatekeeper. There were several meadow browns and marbled whites but non stopped for long.

London 2014

I went to London in November with Reigate Photographic Society to see the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. Plus we photographed some reflections in buildings for this seasons set subject.
It was a cold day with mixed lighting, the poppies were the hilight and well worth the visit.
Some of the poppy photos are on Flickr London Poppies 2014