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Welcome to my photographic journey.

Having just passed the Open University course “Creating and Sharing better images” I am full of enthusiasm to extend my photography.

My equipment is a Caonon 350D DSLR with a Tamron 18 – 270 lens, a Canon 55 – 250 lens plus the kit lens 18 – 55.

My first passion is horses

My 23 year old Connemara X pony

the second is wildlife.

Common blue butterfly and fly
Common Blue butterfly and friend

At the beginning of the year the camera was on auto, mainly the sports mode. During the OU course this changed and now I use manual settings and shoot in RAW. As I received favourable comments during the course I decided to try freelancing! Well that is a wild ambition that may be successful with a lot of work and planning.

So I am doing the Bureau of Freelance Photography course, which hopefully, will help me think critically about my aims.

Some of my images are in the Country Life image library.

Also just opened an account with RedBubble to sell some images.

I now have a Canon 50D camera and a Sigma 17 – 70 lens but still have the Canon 55 – 250 lens for the wildlife.

May save up for the new Canon 70 – 300 L series lens as it will have better optics and a little more reach.

I have just joined the Royal Photographic Society and may try for the Associateship in Nature Photography next year.

I received a Tamron 70 – 300 mm lens for Christmas and it takes very good images. Am now waiting for the first butterflies of the year to stay still enough to photograph.

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